PTFA (Parents, Teachers & Friends Association)

Newbold School Christmas Parties 2017-5.

Who We Are And What We Do

The aim of our PTFA is to raise funds for the school that will benefit all the children at Newbold School (special materials, trips, improvement of student life). We also help the staff with special days such as the Christmas parties and International Day.


The PTFA adds a great deal to the special community spirit that makes Newbold School what it is. 

If any of you can assist the team we would be more than happy to hear from you - please feel free to come and talk to us.

Current PTFA Board Members

Chairperson: Alina Lutso & Asun Olivan (co-chairs)

Treasurer: Aleema Chaudhri

Public Relations: Eileen Becejac

F1 Class Rep: TBC for school year 2022-23

F2 Class Rep: TBC for school year 2022-23

Year 1&2 Rep: TBC for school year 2022-23

Year 3&4 Rep: TBC for school year 2022-23

Year 5&6 Rep: TBC for school year 2022-23


Over the years, our school has developed a strong interest in environmental conservation. We run the ‘Eco Warriors’ club for KS2, in which the children learn about ways they can protect their environment, both locally and globally. The school has also run several recycling programmes, such as collection of broken pens which are delivered to Terracycle, milk bottle tops to raise funds for the Air Ambulance service and many more. Recently, the school has joined several national supermarket chains and ceased to use glitter to avoid it causing pollution. We also have a no single use plastic policy when it comes to catering during our Bake Sales, Summer Fete and other events. For this, the school has invested on stainless steel plates, cups and cutlery that can be used for ever.

This is a start to help our children prepare for a better future for their planet.

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Making a difference around us

Recycling with double purpose

Recycling and Fundraising

Learning about nature

Helps us appreciate it even more

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Newbold School takes safeguarding very seriously. Our staff are fully trained in safeguarding and child protection procedures, including E-Safety and Prevent‚ and are vigilant in their duty of care. We practice safer recruitment when hiring new staff. Abuse/neglect of children will not be tolerated in this school and it will be reported.


Our Designated Lead Person is Mrs J Crissey

Our Deputy Designated Lead Person is Mrs M Jennings

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